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About metal studs

We will supply and fit partitions to the highest standards. Metal studding is an alternative to using timber studding. It is just as versatile as timber with the same structural properties. Metal Studding is suitable for use in commercial and domestic buildings where it is necessary to provide strong non-load bearing partitions. There is a wide range of thickness of partition for heights of up to 10m. 50/70/90mm studs. 150mm (jumbo studs) can be used to divide up industrial units, these can be fire walls with fire protection of up to two hours. The central cavity can be easily filled with insulation and services can easily pass through the studs. Plasterboards are screwed to each side , The system is economical and can be erected easily on site.

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About suspended ceilings

A suspended ceiling is often used to conceal mechanical and electrical services within the ceiling void and allows you to easily integrate light within the ceiling. Using a suspended ceiling with acoustic absorbing properties reduces the reverberation time, improving the comfort of those using the room.


MF Ceilings

About MF Ceilings

The MF Ceiling System provides a high performance ceiling with fire protection and sound insulation. ... Allows easy installation of services in the void above the ceiling.  Suitable for fixing all types of plasterboard creating a surface suitable for decorative finishes.

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